Dr. Gál Izóra

senior lecturer

Participation in education of Arable farming - Crop production, Soil Management, Animal husbandry, Organic Farming, Special animal husbandry, in education and vocational training of full time and also correspondence students who have chosen Organic farming as speciality. Responsible for Soil Management at BSc correspondence course in Beregszász, Nyárádszereda and Zenta. Participation in writing course books and university textbooks. Evaluation of submitted students’ work (essays, own research reports, calculations). Consultant of diploma works, participation in students’ tests. Reading and processing foreign research papers. Publication of research results in national and international magazines. Participation of preparing documentation of Organic Farming Assistant Engineer post secondary program. Participation in preparing and accomplishing applications.


Education activity

  • nutrient management
  • weed management
  • arable crop production
  • horse breeding
  • dairy farming
  • crop rotations

Research activity

  • physical weed management


BSc degree in Horticulture, full time course

  • Organic farming
  • Encyclopedia of crop production and animal husbandry
  • Special animal husbandry

BSc degree in Horticulture, correspondence course:

  • Organic Farming
  • Soil Management

BSc degree in Horticulture, correspondence course abroad

  • Soil Management (own subject)

BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering in Environmental Management, full time course

  • Arable farming - Crop production
  • Animal husbandry
  • Special animal husbandry

Agricultural Informatics and Rural Administration, full time course

  • Arable farming - Crop production
  • Animal husbandry

Foreign language courses

English courses

  •     Organic Farming (ERASMUS students)